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    Your end of tax year financial health check: Five tax planning ideas to consider

    Your end of tax year financial health check. Five tax planning ideas to consider. We are now in the last three months of the tax year (tax years end on 5th April). Now’s the time to think of the financial ...
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    ‘Planning to Live Together’ Stowe Family Law

    One of the most enjoyable parts of my work is to build relationships with other professionals who can help my clients. I'm delighted to share with you a specially created guide from Beth Sheridan of Stowe Family Law for couples ...
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    Top Tips on Making a Will

    Since the Corona Virus outbreak, it's been necessary to change how we hold our meetings to phone and video appointments. I know that making a will can feel a bit daunting so I've put together some top tips to help ...
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    social distance

    How to sign a Will at a social distance

    If you are making a Will, you may be wondering how you will get it signed and witnessed given the Corona Virus restrictions in place. This article explains what the law is and some options on how to sign a ...
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    equity release for homeowner

    Is equity release right for me?

    Is equity release right for me? A recent report by OneFamily found that the over 65's have nearly 5 times more wealth in their home than in their pension. With the shortfall in pension savings, some homeowners are looking at ...
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    workplace pensions

    Do you have a frozen pension?

    Do you have a frozen pension? You may have heard the term ‘frozen pension’ and wonder what it means and what to do. It actually refers to a pension that you had in a workplace that you no longer pay ...
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    What to expect from a good financial adviser

    A good financial adviser works for you in your best interests. Some people choose to look after their own finances and may not realise what value an adviser can add.  Here is a six-point guide to what to expect from ...
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    Landlord Lasting Power of Attorney

    Why Landlords need a Lasting Power of Attorney

    Being a landlord involves many financial and legal responsibilities. This article explains why landlords need a Lasting Power of Attorney and the problems that can arise without it. If you have an accident or an illness that means you cannot ...
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Making a Will

    Frequently Asked Questions: Making a Will

    If you are making a Will for the first time, it's natural that you will have plenty of questions. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about making a Will that should help you to prepare. What information do I need ...
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    How to sign your Will correctly!

    Knowing how to sign your Will correctly is important. You may not be aware that the law in England and Wales contains rules about how you must sign your Will.  If you don't follow the rules as per s.9 of ...
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    executor and attorney

    Executor and attorney: what’s the difference?

    Do you know the difference between the role of executor and attorney? This article explains who can do what and when. Executor A person making a Will (the testator), normally appoints one or more individuals to act as an Executor.  ...
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    Ten Ways a Trust Can Protect Inheritance

    Ten Ways A Trust Can Protect Inheritance

    Are you thinking about making a Will or looking at ways of helping your family maximise their inheritance? Do you worry that your child's inheritance may end up in the wrong hands?  If the answer is yes, then read on ...
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