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    How to choose a Guardian for your children

    How to choose a Guardian

    Do you have children under the age of eighteen? If so, then one of the main reasons for making a Will should be to appoint guardians for your children. Here are some points to consider about how to choose a ...
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    Protective Property Trust - The Family Home

    What is a Protective Property Trust?

    For many families, the most valuable asset they own is their home. Most parents expect that their children will in the future receive this as part of their inheritance and that this will be available to them even if there ...
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    When should I update my Will?

    Like your finances, it is important to review your Will so that it keeps pace with how your life changes and provides the protection you want for your loved ones. There are plenty of examples of how out of date ...
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    Five good reasons to make a Will

    Making a Will is an important way of caring for the future of your loved ones.  It shows that you have given thought to how your family would cope when you are no longer here and that you have taken ...
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    Funeral Plans: Making your wishes known!

    During a Will appointment, one of the questions that I ask people is whether they would prefer to be buried or cremated. For some people this is this first time that they have ever spoken about what they might want and ...
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    True Story: Why you need a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and not just Wealth

    "In 2010, my mother had asked me to be her attorney some years before the onset of dementia. At that time, however, we were not advised by the solicitor that there were two types of power of attorney: finance and ...
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