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    There are many reasons why you as a parent may be worried about your adult son or daughter inheriting money or property. A discretionary trust is a practical way of giving you peace of mind and can help in the following situations:
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    If you have children under the age of eighteen, then this should be one of your main reasons to make a Will. Find out here about how to choose a Guardian.
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    Find out how you can check if your Will is up to date through this simple checklist
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    Making a Will is an important way of protecting your family now and in the future. Here are five good reasons to make a Will.
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    The need to discuss and make plans for how funerals will be paid for is an important discussion for all families to have.
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    In 2010, my mother had asked me to be her attorney. I got the power of attorney for finance but didn't realise that we would need another to cover health.
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